Beyond 12-12-12: A Positive Future

I am hopeful about our future and see the tensions we are going through as birthing pains as we move from the Piscean age of the past to the Aquarian age, which brings in sharing, originality, equality, reform, freedom, and group consciousness.

Yes, there is push back and polarization as we move through this transition which comes with the territory of transformation.  However, I believe we will evolve beyond this old energy.  We have a choice in our own personal lives and collectively to create a positive future. 


I hear some “doom and gloom” scenarios being talked about and have heard these predictions repeated it seems every 10 years or so.  I grew up in Miami Florida which was 90 miles from Cuba and lived through the Bay of Pigs crisis where people were building shelters, buying property in the mountains to escape and living in fear.  I lived through the Y2K scare where everything was supposed to collapse.  But I also lived to see the Soviet Union fall apart and the Berlin wall come down.  

My belief is that we have the power to create our future. We can  focus on our destruction or we can focus on transformation.  From my perspective, the outer reflects the inner world.  If we want true transformation, we must heal our own consciousness.

Future Life Progression

One of the reasons that I offer past life and future life progression and Soul Visioning sessions and workshops is that it can be a glimpse into what is in our own consciousness like a Rorschach inkblot test.  The good news is that futures are flexible and can be changed based on the choices we make today.  The more we heal the unconscious “trunk of junk” from past patterns and limiting beliefs, the more we remember who we are as spiritual beings and our oneness with everyone. 

In addition, I wrote my Soul Visioning: Clear the Past, Create Your Future book to offer a process for identifying those blocks that hold us back from creating our guided ideal future and how to clear the barriers to living a life of passion and purpose in work, relationships, health, finances and spirituality.

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