Dr. Brian Weiss’ Daughter on Oprah Show

You can read the complete article or view short segments on Oprah’s website:http://www.oprah.com/own-supersoulsunday/blogs/Amy-Weiss-What-I-Learned-from-Past-Life-Regression#ixzz2YNWHXhbQ 

 Many of you may have seen Dr. Brian Weiss with whom I trained on the Oprah Super SoulSunday show. He is a Yale trained psychiatrist who is a proponent of past life regression therapy. Oprah interviewed him recently regarding his new book Miracles Happen:The Transformational Power of Past Life Memories that was co-authored with his daughter Amy.

Miracles Happen co-author Amy Weiss was also interviewed and described her own personal regression experience in a simple but happy life as an elderly Japanese man and what she learned from it.
“The Japanese man’s joy had nothing to do with outside events, and outside events did not steal the joy from him. I could learn so much from him…”

Amy contrasted that past life with her current life which is very different. She had not been able to shake off a depression of sorts that prevented such happiness from ever being within reach. “In my present life, for many years I had struggled with what seemed to be pervasive sadness and discontent. Sometimes I could clearly point to a biological component. Sometimes an awful event happened in the world that brought me to my knees where I found myself unable to stand again. And sometimes I just looked at the news, at the incalculable and imaginative things people do to hurt one another, and felt so tired…behind it all there was a melancholy that didn’t make sense to me.”

“…I realized that depression was something I had taken on in this lifetime, that it was not a part of my soul itself. It was a heavy coat I had chosen to wear in order to learn an important lesson , but a coat can always be removed. No one mistakes a coat hanging in a closet for the person who wears it. It was not me: how could it be?
Sadness was not a fundamental part of my soul. My soul had just dipped into that experience to learn what it felt like, to see what it might teach me. But my soul did not possess or become it, and I did not need to identify with it, to claim it any longer. These insights, gained in a split second, forever changed the way I saw myself.”

Amy also stated in the interview:

“Many people who undergo a regression and successfully remember a past life are able to watch the scenes unfold like a movie, witnessing the life in a linear fashion from birth to death. Others see nothing but simply “know” what is happening. Past lives can appear in dreams, in experiences of déjà vu. They may be nothing more than a snapshot, a glimpse of a scene. It is not necessarily the events of a lifetime that heal the person remembering it; Some regressions are powerful not for the concrete details they provide but for the deeply transcendent emotions they generate.”




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