There Are No ATM Machines in Heaven

There are no ATM machines in heaven. We don’t take our money, our physical possessions or our bodies with us. Those things are temporary. What we take with us are the qualities of Soul consciousness that we have developed here. However, our ego world doesn’t value what is most valuable such as “beingness, mindfulness, peace of mind.” We are on a treadmill of busyness and doingness, continually distracted by ever increasing diversions, email, social media, electronics, addictions of work, alcohol, drugs, shopping, etc.

Many of my clients report how difficult it is to meditate or to take time to sit and relax. There are many reasons for this. In addition to what I just stated, we have overt and covert childhood messages that tell us we are “lazy” or “bad” if we aren’t being “productive” and doing something all the time.

Another factor is ancestral programming from the time when we lived in an agrarian age where we had to work from dusk till dawn on the farm just to survive. Those instincts are still with us until we become more aware and realize that we have more choices now and it is healthy to slow down… to have balance in life. In the quiet spaces, we access our intuition and the “still small voice” of our Higher Self.

Some other reasons people resist quieting their minds is the “unfinished business” from the past that surfaces when we get quiet. Distressing thoughts and feelings can be uncomfortable. We quickly want to anesthetize and distract from them rather than process through them.

My point is that we are here in “classroom earth” to remember who we are as spiritual beings, to evolve as a Soul. The most important thing is our spiritual path and developing the qualities of Spirit. That is something we do take with us.

I invite you to invest in your “spiritual bank account” and join me at one of my workshops. Some people would prefer to work with me privately and you can make an appointment. You can find workshops or contact me through my website

May you be blessed by the stillness of your Soul!

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