Healing for the New Year: Shift from Piscean to Aquarian Age

As we welcome in the new year, we have so many opportunities for growth and healing if we so choose. For some people the events of 2016 have triggered high levels of stress and uncertainty. If we step back and view the unfolding events from a Soul perspective there are some explanations for what is happening personally and collectively. We go through periods of transition when we move from one period to another. For example, we are moving from the Piscean age of spiritual obedience to religious authorities to the Aquarian age of inner obedience to our own Soul. The Aquarian time period is characterized by more altruism, unity, freedom and equality. However, during these transitional times there is often “push back”, polarization, resistance to change and wanting to hang on to old energies of the past.

While it is not always a comfortable time to go through, it offers us
the opportunity to become more aware of our “shadow” side, that which is hidden in our unconscious so that we can see it more clearly and choose to heal what no longer serves us. Our global and personal “wake up call” is a time of accelerated learning.

This does not suggest that we are passive in this process. It means that we find our “place of peace within” where we can access our intuition and inner wisdom to guide us. We may be guided to pray, meditate, forgive, volunteer for an important cause, run for office, or any number of things which allow us to share our unique talents and gifts. The key is to have a consciousness of peace in whatever we are led to do. May we release fear in the new year and anchor the light no matter what the ego world stirs up.

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  1. Stephen Schaul says:

    Hi Susan,
    Think about my days in your study group for A Course in Miracles a lot. As I’ve gotten older, 67, my life has become more peaceful. I’ve been retired for a few years and turned my passion for art from commercial to fine. And, I give my work away to family. It brings such smiles to their faces and lives. Ran into a client of yours the other night at a family party. Her first name is Kitt. What a small world. That run-in made me think,” I should drop Susan a line and say hello. So here it is, Hello to you and Dave. Hope all is well.”

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