Stumbling blocks or stepping stones?

What an amazing time we are living in. A major solar eclipse, which was only visible in the United States 99 years ago, will be traversing our planet this August 21. Mercury is in retrograde along with several other planets as well. These energies although challenging present tremendous opportunities for growth. The “shadow side” (that which is hidden or buried) in our individual and collective unconscious is rising to the surface so that it can be visible. What we can see and feel allows us to make a choice to release what no longer serves us.

Many people are going through “dark night of the Soul” experiences which shake loose those core stuck places within us. Just when it seems that the light has disappeared, the dark clouds of unknowing eventually pass and we realize the light of the sun (Soul) was always there.

This is a time to call upon our inner spiritual resources, to anchor the light, and do healing work. It is a great time to take advantage of these accelerated energies and do clearing of the past with past life regression, inner child work, “Soul Visioning”, and life between lives hypnotherapy.

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