Will of Our Soul

Greetings Fellow Soul Travelers!

I often tell people and myself when going through the collective and personal “dark night of the Soul” to “anchor the light”. I am inspired to share with you my friend and colleague Dr. Susan Trout’s blog commentary on this subject:

“Spiritual philosopher and self-described “practical mystic” David Spangler refers to the generative source of Light and its spiritual presence within us as “Self-Light”. Spangler notes that we too often disown or do not recognize our Self-Light (who we really are):

What we forget is that we are that Light…the sun that burns away the fog. The Light is in all of us, but it can be dimmed. If [our Light could not be dimmed], we would be living in a very different world, one in which nature is honored and partnered with care and love, one in which the stranger is simply a friend we have yet to meet, one in which each individual represents a potential for discovery and growth, one in which community and collaboration, as well as the honoring of each person’s uniqueness, are the hallmarks of life. We want such a world. We pray for such a world … the Light fuels our hope for such a world.”

Our Self-Light exists within us as an expression of the will of our Soul – our Higher Self – and can increase or decrease. It increases when we accept the presence and purpose of this Light, when we view Earth as a school in which we learn, heal, and serve, and when we are compassionate, loving, and caring. When our Light is dimmed by doubts, angers, prejudices, hatreds, or apathy, or we turn to outer temptations, distractions, addictions, or self-neglect, it is crucial that we ask the Light to illuminate the darkness and show us another way.”

(Susan Trout, PhD, 2020 blog excerpt, author of her newly released book To Show Another Way: How to Learn, Heal and Serve at a Time of Crisis on Planet Earth)

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