Susan Presenting at the Chicago Institute of Noetic Sciences 5-15-11

The Institute of Noetic Sciences was founded in 1973 by Apollo astronaut Edgar Mitchell, who had an epiphany on his return home from the moon.

He was moved to found IONS so that all of us can explore consciousness; so that we can begin to understand the intersection of science and spirit which illuminates humankind’s highest potential as well as to realize and act on the sustainability of human life and global well-being.

IONS is a wonderful organization that provides high quality workshops/programs, book and film discussion groups, and a newsletter. They create space and community so that kindred spirits can explore consciousness and dialogue with others open to such a journey.

I will present an introductory workshop based on my acclaimed book “Soul Visioning: Clear the Past, Create Your Future.” You will be guided on a holographic journey to envision your ideal future in your work, relationships, health, finances and spirituality. Learn the WHEE┬« energy psychology technique for resolving the limiting beliefs/patterns that sabotage you. The workshop includes a lecture, guided journeys, audience participation and handouts.

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