Aloha from Hawaii

I just returned from a trip to Hawaii where it was truly “heaven on earth” and a much needed reprieve from the cold grey overcast days of winter. Those of you who have read my book “Soul Visioning” remember my refering to my story about “potholes in paradise”. I kept finding mudholes wherever I went because I didn’t feel worthy of paradise. I am happy to report that I have changed my script and this time all I found was balmy breezes, blue skies and bliss.

We can’t appreciate the beauty all around us if we wear a dark lens through which we see only our projected guilt. The more we forgive and release those false images of ourselves and others the more the light of the truth can shine through to us. The world reflects back to us the radiant beauty which is our True Self.

I encourage you to continue to use the tools in the book to clear those limiting beliefs that keep you from experiencing your own “paradise within”.

Thanks to all of you who have written to me and shared their heartwarming stories. Keep them coming!



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