Scientific Proof of Psychic and Long Distance Healing Phenomena (ACEP highlights con’t)

There were many exciting leading edge speakers at the ACEP conference that spoke of the new developments in the field. For example, Dr. Claude Swanson, a MIT physicist who wrote the book “Life Force, The Scientific Basis: Breakthrough Physics of Energy Medicine, Healing, Chi and Quantum Consciousness” spoke about “torsion fields” that explain psychic phenomenon, the placebo effect and healing at a distance.Torsion fields are a physics explanation for subtle energy. Dr. Swanson explained the latest science behind energy healing, which explains how the body’s energy fields are produced starting with the cell’s DNA and acupuncture meridians, creating the holographic pattern of energy which govern growth and healing.

What is interesting to me is that science is starting to catch up with what many of us already know in the metaphysical world. This is important because it begins to bridge the gap between spiritual phenomenon and the mainstream world. This is the kind of work that brings more credibility to what we do as healers and will open more doors to those that might otherwise dismiss all of this as “woo woo” practices

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