Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology Conference Highlights

I recently returned from the Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology (ACEP) conference in Virginia, where I enjoyed meeting new like-minded people, hearing some great visionary speakers and signing my books.  I will share with you in upcoming posts some of the highlights

Energy Psychology

Energy psychology is often referred to as accupuncture for the emotions without the needles. Some of the more common forms include the EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), TAT (Tapas Accupressure Technique), and WHEE method (Whole Health Effortlessly and Easily). These interventions address:

  •  Energy pathways (meridians and acupoints),
  •  Energy centers (chakras)
  • Energy systems (the human biofield that envelops the body).

They are used for the treatment of emotional challenges such as addictions and compulsions, anxiety, depression, limiting beliefs, personality disorders, phobias, stress, and trauma.

I use energy psychology in my psychotherapy practice and write about these methods in my book “Soul Visioning: Clear the Path, Create Your Future”. In chapter 5, “New Methods to Clear Your Path”, I teach the reader simple step-by-step techniques of EFT and WHEE to clear unconscious limiting beliefs. For those people that need more than just a self help approach, I integrate many different methods that quickly get

to the root cause of the issue including past life, between lives regression, hypnotherapy, holographic memory resolution, EMDR (bilateral brain stimulation technique), EFT, TAT, and WHEE.

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