11-11-11 Auspicious Day to Join Together in Meditation


I hope that you will join me today for a few moments of quiet time to take advantage of this remarkable day where thousands of people will be joining together to send positive thoughts and energy to our planet.

The number 11 in numerology is a “master” number and stands for illumination and connection between the Divine and human. It represents the planet Uranus which brings extreme insights and liberation from conventional thinking, innovation and invention. This planetary influence also represents the psychic and Soul nature of humanity.

You can just take a few minutes any time today to close your eyes, quiet your mind, and say a prayer of goodwill and blessing for our world and each other. Whenever you do this today you will be joining with many others in different time zones and countries who are sending the intention of love, forgiveness and peace. Whenever a large group of people come together to meditate there is a counterbalancing consciousness that is very much needed right now as we go through many transitions individually and collectively.

If we go to the still place within us and remember our True Nature as spiritual beings we reconnect with that center of peace and oneness with the Divine. So no matter whatever conflict is happening in the outer world we can always return to the calm within us. Although today provides an amazing opportunity we must cultivate this mindfulness practice for ourselves on a daily basis.

So perhaps you could just close your eyes take some deep breaths and focus on the feeling of peace or your own personal ideal of compassion, joy, love for even 5 minutes today.

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