Brian Weiss and Carol Bowman on Katie Couric Talk Show

Katie Couric, former hostess of the Today Show, recently had a segment called “Does Reincarnation Exist?” on her TV talk show. She interviewed a panel of guests inlcuding Dr. Brian L. Weiss MD, author of  “Many Lives, Many Masters” along with therapist Carol Bowman, author of “Children’s Past Lives”. Couric also interviewed Police Captain Robert Snow who shares a amazing and highly credible story of how he documented his past life regression memory.

Katie’s website offers access to videos of the show highlights. The links are listed below if you want to view the show for yourself:

The first video is an interesting story of a former police captain who discovered he was an artist in a past life.

The second video is a story of a Mother who’s 3-year old son has stories of things he could have not known.

The third video shows Dr. Brian Weiss regressing Katie Couric into a past life.

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  1. Nicole says:

    I am bummed I missed that episode! Thanks for leaving the link. I am so excited that past life regression is hitting main stream media and thinkers.

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