Casting Call for Children’s Past Life Memories

I was contacted by a television producer of the Lifetime A&E TV show called “The Ghost Inside My Child”. They are running a second series of the show and are looking for families with children that had past life memories between the ages of 2 and 17 years old. They want to hear the story through the family’s point of view recounting what their child was experiencing (even if your child is now older). The purpose of the show is to educate and inspire audiences about this phenomenon.

In addition to those children who spontaneously remembered past lives, it can also include children/adolescents that I regressed that had a past life memory that helped them get over an issue or to understand feelings and beliefs that they carried over into this lifetime.

The link to their first season show is:

If you are interested in sharing your child’s past life memory with the show please contact me at

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