Michael Newton’s New Book “Memories of the Afterlife”

I have great news!  Michael Newton’s new book “Memories of the Afterlife”, to which I am a contributing author, is now available.  The book is a series of case studies that highlight the profound impact of spiritual regression (life between lives hypnotherapy) on people’s everyday lives.  After recalling memories of their afterlives, the people in these studies embarked on life-changing spiritual journeys – reuniting with soul mates and spirit guides, and discovering the ramifications of life choices, love relationships, and dreams by being in touch with their immortal souls.  As gems of self-knowledge are revealed, dramatic epiphanies result, enabling these ordinary people to understand the adversity in their lives, find emotional healing, and realize their true purpose.
My chapter in Memories of the Afterlife is called The Weather Whisperer about a woman who changed a multi-incarnation pattern of abuse, found her Soul mate and is fulfilling her life’s purpose with a most unusual talent.  I hope you enjoy her inspiring story of courage.
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