Burn Out

Some of my clients report feeling “burned out”, drained, fatigued, losing their zest for life, work, and their relationships. Our fast-paced world leaves little time for balance. We need to schedule restorative time where we can recharge our batteries. This can be done by spending time in nature, unplugging from electronic distractions, meditation, practicing self care, humor, and playfulness. However, it may be necessary to get to the root of these persistent non-productive patterns that deplete energy. One method that I use with clients is a “parts” process where we compassionately dialogue between the Higher Self and the inner sabotaging parts. The “Pusher”, the “Perfectionist”, the “Judge and Critic” parts often take over so that the Higher Self is not in charge. There are underlying reasons for why these parts (coping mechanisms) take over because of past programming. The good news is that these parts can be calmed down so that equanimity and peace of mind can be restored. The result is that the Higher Self is back in charge. What are the signs that the Higher Self is present? The seven C’s…compassion, calm, creativity, courage, clarity, connection, and confident.

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