If I Had Unlimited Resources I Would…

I was asked to write an answer the question “What would you do if you had unlimited resources and why?” for the Present Moment newsletter. So I’m sharing it with you here.

I would love to make available to everyone who needs it the new tools, such as energy psychology, that are available to treat trauma. We know that generations of trauma are often passed on genetically to children. EMDR (bilateral brain stimulation), EFT (acupuncture for the emotions without the needles), HMR (holographic memory resolution), and past life regression are just some of the methods that I use to clear the roots of trauma, PTSD, abuse, addictive behaviors, depression, anxiety and limiting beliefs.

My “unlimited resources” vision includes making the training available to therapists, teachers, parents, and caregivers around the world who would offer these therapies to those in need. Imagine how impactful it would be if we could break these destructive generational cycles. This could clear a path to reconnection with our wholeness. You can read a Jan 4, 2016, blog entry on my website about how memories are passed on through genes.

Memories Passed on through Genes

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