Breaking Past Life Abuse Patterns

Many women are currently finding themselves extremely triggered by the current events that are surfacing in our society such as sexism, sexual abuse, harassment, etc. They are also challenged by the limiting cultural and ancestral roles in their families of origin. While it can be difficult to confront the individual and collective unhealed parts of ourselves, it is necessary to be able to move forward. I am often asked, “Why did I choose to come into this family or this abusive relationship?”  While there is no simple answer to this, I would like to share a case example of a woman who I wrote about in the book  Memories of the Afterlife (edited by Dr. Michael Newton). She experienced repeated past lifetimes of abuse until she was able to break the pattern. 

Elaine (not her real name), a mother of two and former professional in the corporate world came to me for past life and life between lives regression sessions. Many of her past lives were as a woman in a subservient role. For example, in one life she discovered that as a small child in China she lost her sense of freedom when she was immobilized in a box to prevent her from struggling as her feet were bound. In another lifetime she was an African-American woman working in a tanning factory in New York City. She was beaten in that life by her boss and she died of cancer from the toxic effects of the tanning chemicals. In her current lifetime she married a man who was controlling and emotionally abusive to her. He was unsupportive of her spiritual pursuits and beliefs. Elaine, began to notice a repeating pattern in her lifetimes of dis-empowerment and abuse.

Elaine was able to move forward through counseling, past life/between lives regression therapy and spiritual growth to release herself from these abusive relationship patterns. She eventually met her loving Soulmate.  Elaine is now using her talents and gifts to fulfill her life purpose.                         

Our current societal and cultural challenges provide us with an opportunity to heal our deeper karmic lessons.

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